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Sep. 26th, 2016 09:20 am
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Hey, everyone! Nominations for the tagset are now open.

Tagset is here.

ETA 2: A couple of people have asked about this, so a quick note: you can ignore the character fields, those won't be involved for matching. I think they got added when I was fixing something else, and I don't want to edit it again in case something blows up. If you've submitted with characters don't worry about it, but if you haven't submitted yet no need to put them in.

Rules are the same as last time, but just in case, I've got the collection set up here.

Major dates are as follows:

Nominations open: Sept 24
Nominations close: Oct 12

Signups open: Oct 15
Signups close: Nov 7

Assignments go out: Nov 11
Assignments due: Jan 11 EOD

Pinch hits close: Jan 14 EOD
Collection opens: Jan 15 EOD
Reveal: Jan 19th EOD

EOD stands for End of Day - technically midnight that night, but with wiggle room (all Eastern Time). Please let me know if these dates work or if people might want more time for one or the other (nominations, signups, especially, but I'm not participating in any exchanges so I don't know what other deadlines are out there).

ETA: OK, looks like there are no objections to the dates above, so please go ahead and add the tumblr post to the reblog list.
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