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Please go through and double check that all your nominations are in the correct fandom, have all the characters, spelling is correct, etc. Signups will open on Saturday/Friday night.

ETA: Below are metafandom-specific questions. If you nominated anything associated with these metafandoms, please check to see if there are any questions related to your nominations.

OK, enough people are saying all 5 so we'll keep them separate. In that case just make sure that the relationships you want are in the fandom you want!

Hoo boy. OK, let me see if I can recreate some of the structure of what we have:
Marvel (super-overarching covers-everything metatag)
*Marvel (Comics)
-- 616, Noir, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Next Avengers, Squirrel Girl, X-Men (Comics), Young Avengers
*MCU (no individual movies nominated)
--Agent Carter, SHIELD, Daredevil, Luke Cage
*4 Marvel movies by other studios (Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four (2005ish), and the two recent X-Men film serieses
*Avengers: EMH
*Avengers Academy
I'm assuming the general "Marvel" tag was nominated by people who don't care which canon they're pulling from, or are deliberately pulling from several (in-Marvel crossover rels are here). Is it the same for Marvel (Comics), or can that tag be eliminated and all tags assigned only to specific comics fandoms?
Please make sure all relationships are in all the fandoms you want them in!

*Supergirl is the only specific comic nominated, otherwise I've just got the general DCU (Comics). Have I missed any? Can these be placed in DCU, or not?
*DC TV shows: is there no metatag for the TV shows? There's a looot of crossover in these.
Please make sure all relationships are in all the fandoms you want them in!

All shows and AOS have been nominated, no metatags, I think is fine as is. Please double check AOS and TOS for your nominated relationships.

I've got "All Media Types" and "Original Series" nominated. I'd like to move everything to just AMT, which has all the nominated relationships from OS, plus more. [ETA: definitely will do]

Buffy/Angel: Separate, yes?
Sherlock Holmes: I've got the books and Sherlock, none of the movies. Correct? I assume we want separate. Please double check your relationships are in the correct fandoms.

*Final Fantasy: Nominated: VII, Compilation of VII, X, X-2, XII. Can any of these be combined?
*Fire Emblem: Combine all under Series metatag, yes? [ETA: yes]
*Dragon Age: I've got All Media Types and Video Games. Can I move all to AMT?
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