Jan. 11th, 2016

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Give or take. If your gift is submitted and you have some time, please consider adding your name to the pinch hit list! We have a couple ones still open, and potential for a few more once the deadline hits.
pocketmouse: White decorative mask (winter_mask)
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Hi guys, I'm having a lot of people emailing me saying they thought the deadline was tomorrow, and I think I may have screwed it up too in one of the posts (though it was definitely clear in the original assignments post), so I'm going to extend an across-the-board 24 hour extension, to midnight eastern time tomorrow night. Again, unless I go to bed first. But you now have 25 hours and change -- if you defaulted recently because you thought you suddenly didn't have enough time, but might be able to finish now, you can probably be reassigned, most of the recent pinch hits haven't been picked up yet (that said, if you can pinch hit, please add yourself to the list!).

Hopefully that will help.


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