Oct. 3rd, 2016

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This post will be updated through the end of the nominations period with any nominations that I have questions about. Please feel free to either respond to questions in comments or by DMing or emailing me.

If you see a problem with something you nominated (most likely an issue with the fandom association), please comment and I'll try and fix it.


Luke Cage/Jessica Jones/Misty Knight: This was nominated under the fandom 'Marvel Television Universe.' Similar fandom tags are synned to MCU, and any current Marvel TV shows are considered subfandoms of that megafandom, there will be no separate megafandom for the TV shows.

& relationships - The & (instead of /) relationship tag format is for 'friendship, family, or platonic relationships.' I'm not sure if this relationship tag was selected on purpose or by accident? I know there was one nominated that's since disappeared, but there's one in LOT that's still nominated.


'Gundam SEED & Cosmic Era Gundam' is recognized by the AO3 as simply Gundam SEED. Please let me know if using just that for the fandom name will present an issue.

I've also cleared out all the character nominations, to make it easier to see the nominated relationships. I tried and I definitely can't edit the nominations form to get rid of the character nomination option now that noms are open, but I won't be approving any character tags (I was doing it earlier for speed), so this should help some.

Evil Dead: I've got a Linda, a Linda Bates, and a Linda Bates-Emery. Are these 2 different people or 1 person?

Kingdom Hearts: I have two relationship nominations that consist solely of Final Fantasy characters. I never made it more than partway through KH1 or FFX, so would these be better served in one of the Final Fantasy fandoms?

And a general question, that I think has come up in more than one nomination: relationships with Person A/Person B/Person A. I can't find if this has come up in past rounds, but I want to say that this is limited to fandoms where canon could plausibly allow it (e.g. Stargate), and not, say, RPF. Thoughts?


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