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Sep. 22nd, 2017 02:38 pm
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Here's the breakdown for how nominations to the tagset should work this year. I'll post a link to the tagset tomorrow, please use this post to ask about any questions related to the nominations process or regarding metafandoms. As we approve tags and have questions related to your nominations, I'll start a new post with those questions.

Nominating fandoms:

For Marvel and DC, generally we end up with nominations for the top-level All Media Type tags (which are Marvel and DCU respectively), mid-level metafandoms (eg MCU, DCU (Comics)), and specific fandoms (eg Hawkeye (Comics), The Flash (TV)).

For things like video game series (Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem) and TV shows with rolling continuity (Doctor Who and Torchwood, Buffy and Angel) it’s preferable to nominate on a metafandom. If you’re planning on nominating something like this, feel free to discuss in comments, otherwise we’ll ask for clarification as they come up in nominations. Fandoms with mostly rolling continuity but some bumps (Star Trek as a whole vs AOS, X-Men movies, etc) usually get grouped into multiple metafandoms in the same way as Marvel or DCU, but there’s less need to get as detailed (ie Star Trek and AOS as the only two categories is fine, no need to specify TNG vs DS9).

Nominating fandoms in this way also helps cut down on the need for crossovers. If you’re nominating a relationship that is a crossover, it gets nominated to the fandom Crossover. But if you’re nominating within a metafandom, that’s not an issue (see below for more details).

Generally speaking, if one media format AND the All Media Types format of a fandom are nominated, we’ll select the AMT type, though we will try and ask for clarification if it happens (since directors can make movies very different from the books).

Nominating relationships:

Please make sure it has three characters, and uses the / symbol instead of the & symbol between all characters.

Please always nominate to the highest applicable metafandom. If you do not disambiguate while nominating a relationship, it’ll be placed in the highest applicable metafandom. If you have multiple disambiguations in one relationship, it will be placed in the highest applicable metafandom.


James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson: gets assigned to Marvel, since it could mean comics or MCU.
James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (MCU): I assume this means one disambiguation for the relationship as a whole, and put it in MCU.
James "Bucky" Barnes(Ultimates)/Steve Rogers (MCU)/Sam Wilson (MCU): there is a comics disambig and a movies disambig so it gets assigned to Marvel, which covers both.

[admin post] Admin Post: Nominations are open!

Sep. 26th, 2016 09:20 am
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Hey, everyone! Nominations for the tagset are now open.

Tagset is here.

ETA 2: A couple of people have asked about this, so a quick note: you can ignore the character fields, those won't be involved for matching. I think they got added when I was fixing something else, and I don't want to edit it again in case something blows up. If you've submitted with characters don't worry about it, but if you haven't submitted yet no need to put them in.

Rules are the same as last time, but just in case, I've got the collection set up here.

Major dates are as follows:

Nominations open: Sept 24
Nominations close: Oct 12

Signups open: Oct 15
Signups close: Nov 7

Assignments go out: Nov 11
Assignments due: Jan 11 EOD

Pinch hits close: Jan 14 EOD
Collection opens: Jan 15 EOD
Reveal: Jan 19th EOD

EOD stands for End of Day - technically midnight that night, but with wiggle room (all Eastern Time). Please let me know if these dates work or if people might want more time for one or the other (nominations, signups, especially, but I'm not participating in any exchanges so I don't know what other deadlines are out there).

ETA: OK, looks like there are no objections to the dates above, so please go ahead and add the tumblr post to the reblog list.

[admin post] Admin Post: Nominations are open!

Oct. 11th, 2015 12:35 pm
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OK, in an effort to keep us on track, timeline-wise, I am opening nominations. The tag set is viewable here, and the link to submitting nominations is at the top of that page, or here. I've pre-seeded it with the freeforms for media type, so people should just need to nominate fandoms and characters. It's set to allow the maximum number of nominations for each, which is 20.

Nominations will be open through the 24th. Hopefully if nominations get cleared up as we go along, signups can open on the 25th, but if not definitely before November. Signups will be open for two weeks following. From there I'm still playing it by ear, but it's probably all going to just be pushed back a week, unless by some sort of miracle I'm able to manage no delay between signups ending and being able to send assignments out.

I can either ETA this post as we go to address metafandoms as they come up in nominations, or start a new post specifically for it. If anyone has experience modding nominations and wants to help, please let me know and I can add you to the tag set.

Metafandoms ETA:
ETA 1 )

ETA 2 )

ETA 3 )

ETA 4: A couple mergers: "Tales of Vesperia" relationships will get moved to "Tales of Series," all Final Fantasy fandoms are now in one place, "Fire Emblem: Kakusei | Fire Emblem: Awakening" relationships will get moved to "Fire Emblem Series."

Right now Game of Thrones and ASOIAF are separate -- does anyone have an issue with those two merging? I will merge in 24 hours unless I hear otherwise.

And right now the only non-approved relationship is a Bucky/Clint/Natasha tag which was nominated for All Media Types. So far it's the only Marvel AMT tag. I can add this to 616 instead, if that'll work. That's the only comic that all three of them would be in.

If anyone sees anything else that might need to be merged, please feel free to comment here, or DM me.

I can't see all the nominations at once, which is making sorting through nominations trickier than anticipated. What this means is that a nominated fandom might be approved, but then later replaced with a higher-level metafandom. If that happens, it will be announced first.


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